The History of The Wedding Car Available

Rolls Royce Wedding car Hire on wedding day infront of arch

Previously Owned By Lady Carmichael of Wimbledon

This 1935 classic Rolls Royce 20/25 was originally owned by Lady Carmichael of Wimbledon who owned the vehicle until 1949. Encapsulating the core essence of this definitive Rolls Royce era, the flying lady insignia named the Spirit of Ecstasy is clear to see adorning the front of the car. Lady Carmichael would have been chauffeur driven in luxury to the West End of London for afternoons of shopping and evenings at the theatre. Her comfort was ensured by the immaculate coach work produced by the Mayfair Carriage Company which was beautifully restored in 1990.

Mechanical Features and Supported History

The car boasts a 3.6 litre six cylinder overhead valve engine. Its CLE919 registration plate and GLJ27 chassis number confirm its place in Rolls Royce history. In 1970 the vehicle was exported to Ohio, USA when its MOT mileage was recorded at 41k. After a 20 year spell in the United States it was imported back to the UK by Bethesda's Real Car Company. In 1990 the mileage read 43k and to date displays 50k miles of memories and history.

Interior and External Features

An extremely spacious backseat area is easily accessible via well positioned steps and rear hinged doors, in keeping with the cherished tradition of historic carriage builders. It also houses two occasional seats which fold out from the central division which are ideal for bridesmaids. From its interior practicality to its exterior colours of Rolls Royce Ivory and Garnet, this car is the epitome of elegance that would make anyone's special day even more memorable and unique.